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When you buy lounge furniture you want to make sure it will stand the test of time. Chances are your living room sofa will get a lot of wear-and-tear. It’s essential to think about the construction, as well as style and price, when purchasing a new couch or chair. Purchasing name-brand sofas with a warranty will give you peace of mind, knowing that your furniture will hold up in the future.

This month, Better Sofas will explain how to buy long-lasting lounge furniture in Roanoke, VA. First, we will give you some tips on buying sofas that will last. Then, we will talk about what to avoid when purchasing couches and chairs. Better Sofas is proud to educate our customers on purchasing long-lasting lounge furniture for the home.


How to Buy a Sofa That Stands the Test of Time

Whether you’re curled up for a nap or glued to the television, you’ll spend ample time on the sofa. Picking a sofa that will practically grow old with you can be a terrifying thought. After all, some sofas are the priciest pieces of furniture on the market. Here are some tips for buying long-lasting sofas:

Get One With a Sturdy Frame

Just because you love the style doesn’t mean that it’s well-constructed. You should know if the frame contains 100 percent hardwood or kiln-dried wood. It’s vital to make sure the frame does not have metal or softwood. Examine the joints for sturdiness, as well. The best joints are made from wood and metal.

Check Out the Cushions

Couch cushions affect the comfort of the sofa. The majority of cushions have a polyurethane-foam core. Going with down cushions will require you to “plump” them to get them back to their original shape. High-resilience cushions come with a foam layer and polyester batting.

Choose a Durable Fabric

When buying the fabric for any lounge chair or couch, choose one that will hold up. Some manufacturers allow you to have trendy light colors that will last. Cotton blends, leather, and wool are good fabric choices, especially with neutral colors.

Purchasing new lounge furniture can be a tiresome process. There is a lot to think about, from prices to logistics – and everything in between. One of the most essential elements is the brand. tells us the 22 best sofa brands for 2021.


Here Are the Most Common Lounge Furniture Buying Mistakes

It’s a common fear, your brand-new sofa or chair arrives, and something is wrong. There is no worse feeling after you have purchased something new to have it not look right. Good news, though; you can prevent this situation from occurring. How can you avoid this nightmare scenario? Here are the most common pitfalls of purchasing lounge furniture and how to avoid them:

The Lounge Furniture Doesn’t Match My Layout

If you have designed a house, you’ve seen where a couch’s size is too big or too small. The best way to avoid size issues is to take measurements of the space. Taking measurements will give you a sense of not only the furniture’s size, but that of the room itself.

The Color is Just Not Right

Colors can look different, depending on the room and time of day. The same goes for upholstery material on lounge furniture. You can avoid this by reviewing color samples at different times of the day.

The Sofa Doesn’t Fit Through My Door

One of the most frustrating mistakes for customers is when the sofa or chair won’t fit through the door. Avoid this problem by measuring all doorways, hallways, and elevators to make sure your piece fits. If you’re still unsure, many local delivery services will come in and measure your space for a small fee.

The Cushions Aren’t Fully Upholstered

Some big-box retailers cut corners by not fully upholstering cushions. It’s one of those tricks that you, unfortunately, won’t know about until you ask. Avoiding this situation is easy; make sure to ask this question about any couch or sofa you buy.

The Comfort Level Isn’t What I Expected

There are few things more disappointing than having the wrong comfort level. The most effective way to avoid this is understanding the comfort of a piece through reviews or testimonials.


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Finding the right lounge furniture can be tricky. At Better Sofas, we provide residents of Roanoke, VA, and beyond with long-lasting couches, sofas, and more. We have many years of professional experience and strive to provide complete customer satisfaction. Better Sofas prides itself on helping customers find the right lounge furniture.

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