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Better Sofas Has a Wide Variety of Modern Furniture

Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA, has a wide variety of contemporary and modern living room furniture for homes throughout the Roanoke Valley and the New River Valley. Whether you are looking to add new pieces to your living space or bedroom or want to find a new style to suit your home, we know you will find the best pieces at the right price. Call Better Sofas today at (540) 400-6334 to schedule an appointment or to ask about our furniture options. Local delivery is available.

How to Choose the Right Contemporary or Modern Pieces for Your Home

Contemporary furniture is categorized as encapsulating styles from present trends, while modern tends to focus on styles from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. Both share more minimalist ideals, focusing on furniture and space rather than cluttered decorations or dark prints. Like traditional, homeowners can play on different patterns and shapes to really make their space their own. A few ways to make the switch to contemporary or modern include:


  • Contemporary styles tend to focus on glass and metals, like large mirrors or metal and artistic décor.
  • Colors tend to be neutral, like blacks, grays, and whites, to add an airy feel to the space, with pops of bold colors throughout with rugs, accent chairs, and other options.
  • You may notice bold differences in shapes, lines, and patterns. Chairs and sofas can have soft, rounded edges.


  • Modern colors are earthy and neutral tones.
  • Natural woods, steel, and glass furniture and décor are common, along with varying shapes and stark lines.
  • Modern style maximizes space. You may prefer to have less decorations, unnecessary furnishings, and other aspects in comparison to a traditional setting.

When it comes time to switch up your style, visit Better Sofas to explore our various contemporary and modern pieces. We can customize any piece to match your style, as well. Our staff can help you decide what pieces will work best for your space.

Modern Furniture Brands at Better Sofas

Better Sofas carries quality modern furniture from the best brands, including:

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