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A Complete Buying Guide for Seating Stools

Find The Right Seat For Your Roanoke, VA, Home or Restaurant

Seating stools are an essential element to any dining room in Roanoke, VA. Whether you moved into a home or built a bar for your family, adequate seating is a must. It’s also important to have the right amount of seating if you own a restaurant. People always flock to them on weekends, right? This idea is also essential when you’re creating your dining room checklist. Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to picking out seats for your space? The team at Better Sofas can help.

This month, we will talk about our complete guide for buying seating stools. First, we will compare bar- vs. counter-height seats. Then, we will show you the functions and materials of specific seats. Better Sofas is proud to educate our customers on seating stools for homes and businesses in and around Roanoke, VA.


The Great Debate of Bar- vs. CounterHeight Seating Stools

When looking at bar and counter seating options, it’s essential to consider your counter and bar height. Counter-height seating is made for traditional surfaces that range between 35 and 37 inches high. Bar seats range from 28 to 33 inches, while bar counters range between 41 and 43 inches. To double-check the height, measure from the top of the seat to the counter bottom. There should be at least 10 inches of clearance between the two surfaces, but no more than 15 inches. Having too much or too little leg room can make for an uncomfortable seating experience. Ultimately, choosing between bar vs counter-height stools is your choice. Each of them comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Key Uses and Materials for Popular Stools

Once you have made all the necessary measurements, you can start thinking about style. What you chose depends on your personal preferences for look, style, and comfort. Each seating style comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. They all can work in any home, restaurant, or building. Here are a few features of seating stools to help you decide what works for your space:


These seats are great for smaller spaces so that they can tuck underneath the counter. Most backless stools come with an upholstery material. Upholstery offers a comfortable feel and a more formal vibe for your seating space. Backless seats perfectly suit spaces with classic and traditional styles.

Seating Stools with Backs:

Seats with backs come in various shapes and styles. Some of them have lower backs, offering only lumbar support. Others have full high backs similar to dining chairs. Seating stools with backs come in various materials, including metal, wood, rattan, acrylic, and leather.


Swiveling stools are a very common bar or counter seat. They are great if you have an open space for dining or just enjoying each other’s company. Swivel seats allow people to turn and face other parts of the room. They usually come with a wood material in various stains and finishes and allow your space to be more dynamic.

Seats With Arm Rests:

Like traditional dining chairs, some seats come with or without armrests. Armrests are only available on seats with backs. They tend to give a more formal vibe to your space and additional comfort. Stools with armrests also make sliding on and off a bit more complicated. They are not a great idea if you have tight spaces.

Seats With Foot Rests:

Don’t like when your feet dangle? Chairs with a built-in footrest can work for you. Some of them have multiple bars to accommodate people of different heights. Having this feature will keep you more comfortable for more extended periods. Seats with footrests usually come in metal and wood materials or a combination of both.

Stackable Seats:

Though not as popular, some stools are stackable, so they can easily nestle into each other. Stackable seats are a great option if you don’t use your chairs year-round. Examples of stackable sets include lawn chairs and plastic party chairs. They also come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, and acrylic.


Better Sofas Offers Top-Notch Stools for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Finding the proper seating for your kitchen and dining room can be tricky. At Better Sofas, we provide residents of Roanoke, VA, and beyond with high-quality home dining seats. We have many years of professional experience and strive to provide complete customer satisfaction. Better Sofas prides itself on delivering high-quality dining seating options for your kitchen, dining room, or restaurant. After all, those are the places where people sit down the most.

Better Sofas has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Roanoke, VA, for providing high-quality stools. With a convenient location on Aerial Way Drive, we work with individuals and families throughout the New River Valley. For many years, we have helped customers with all of their seating needs. To learn more about our stools, feel free to contact us, or visit us during regular business hours.



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