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Purchasing quality outdoor season furniture can make for a great summertime experience. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to patio furnishings. Homeowners throughout Roanoke, VA, have different kinds that they prefer. Are you not sure what to buy? Don’t worry; the team of passionate professionals at Better Sofas can help you.

As we look ahead to the summer season in Roanoke, VA, now may be time to start thinking about outdoor season furniture. Our team here at Better Sofas will talk about what to look for in patio furnishings. Additionally, we will provide you with examples of different trends for 2022. Finally, we will explain why you should purchase patio furnishings before the warm weather arrives. Here at Better Sofas, our staff prides itself in quality customer service in and around Roanoke, VA. We are proud to educate our customers on quality outdoor season fixtures. Read along to learn more.

Look for Certain Qualities in Furniture for Outside Areas

The natural beauty of patio furnishings makes it shine as soon as you look at it. The designs and functionality stand out in every element of the pieces. On a warm summer evening, there is no better feeling than enjoying your new patio furnishings. Prior to purchasing these pieces, it’s essential to look for certain qualities. If you are in the market for some seasonal furnishings, consider these characteristics:


High Quality

Quality is the most important aspect of patio furnishings. The term means that every set is reliable and stylish. Having high-quality pieces will protect them from the weather and other possible damage.


Cheap stuff will not last long. Purchasing a slightly more expensive set may strain your wallet, but it’s worth it for its durability. Check your local furniture store for the most durable furniture available.


While durability and sturdiness are essential aspects of patio furnishings, comfort is the most important. Make sure the pieces you purchase are comfortable enough for you and your guests.

Consider These Trends for the 2022 Summer Season

With the warm weather coming, everyone is looking forward to spending more time outside. Now is a good time to look at some of the popular outdoor season furniture trends for 2022. You can even tweak these ideas to make them just right for your patio. Here are some of the key styles to consider:

Whitewashed Mediterranean-Style Gardens

Outdoor sets with a heavy focus on white furniture and décor are sure to be a hit for the coming here. The idea behind this look focuses the features on a single monochromatic color. If gray or black is more your speed, you will still follow the trend.

Fluid Living

This trend is meant to be simple with low-maintenance features. The goal of this look is to spend more time relaxing and less time rearranging the pieces. All you need is somewhere comfortable and sturdy to sit and enjoy a beautiful evening.

Outdoor Rooms

Create an outdoor space that flows effortlessly from the inside to the outside. Spruce up your space with sofas, rugs, cushions, and plants. A key aspect of outside rooms is how you want the area to work for you. Let this be the guide for your decorating process.

Get a Jumpstart on the Summer Season by Purchasing Furniture Early

While summer is the optimal outdoor season in Roanoke, VA, spring, and fall also offer gorgeous weather. With comfortable temperatures occurring for most of the year, you may wonder when to purchase furnishings for the outdoors. The best answer to that question is: soon.

Recent delays in shipping items due to COVID and other factors can cause disruption in some availability. Shopping now and planning special orders ahead of time can be fun, especially when you have great product choices. Whether you need a single piece or an entire set, you can enjoy perusing around.

Enhance Your Quality of Life with Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Investing in quality pieces early can also enhance your quality of life. People are spending more time at home than ever before. Creating the perfect space to enjoy warm weather can give you something to look forward to after work. High-quality patio furniture has the potential to transform the look and feel of an outside area. Whether you have a private sanctuary or plan on hosting a party, the right furnishings can make a big difference.

Purchase Quality Outdoor Furniture from Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA

Our staff of passionate professionals provides residents of the Roanoke, VA, area with long-lasting patio furniture. Our goal every day is to match each customer with the perfect piece for their home. Purchasing the right patio furnishings comes with many factors, and our team will guide you through each one. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we strive to serve them in the best way possible.

Since our inception, Better Sofas developed a great reputation as Roanoke’s trusted furniture store. Individuals and families trust us for all their home furnishing needs. Whether you want modern or contemporary, we have the right piece or set for your patio. Please visit our outdoor living page to learn more about what services we offer. Our staff is here to answer any questions that you have to make your patio look great.

For more information on top-quality outdoor season furniture, give Better Sofas a call at (540) 400-6334. Customers can also reach us through email and Facebook. We proudly serve the New River Valley with many years of experience. We are happy to discuss more information about high-quality outdoor season furniture.