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Here Are the Dos and Don’ts of Leather

Maintain Your Animal-Skin Furniture by Following Some Guidelines

It’s important to know the dos and don’ts of leather. This type of furniture is notorious and often preferred for its durability. However, purchasing this material for your Roanoke, VA, home and leaving it alone may not be ideal. With proper maintenance, you will find that your animal-hide furniture will look better each year. If you aren’t familiar with appropriate care for animal-hide furniture, we are here to help.

We are happy to educate our customers in the Roanoke, VA, area about the dos and don’ts of leather. Better Sofas takes great pride in protecting all furniture pieces. Along with the maintenance tips, we will also talk about cleaning and caring for your furniture. Residents in and around Roanoke, VA, come to Better Sofas for all their furniture needs. We are proud to help our clients keep their pieces looking great.

Follow These Steps to Maintain Animal-Hide Furniture

Maintenance and upkeep of animal-hide furniture are a must. While you have the option of using professional cleaning services, you can also do it yourself. If you choose to go that route, follow this list of maintenance tips:

 Keep Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

Positioning your animal-skin furniture too close to the windows will cause it to dry out and crack. If it feels hot to touch, you should consider moving it. Direct sunlight can also cause discoloration.

Clean Your Furniture Regularly

Scrubbing your leather furniture on a regular basis can help maintain its look and feel. Make sure to use soft cloths and brushes to prevent any scratches. Swankyden.com gives us reviews of the best leather sofa cleaners and conditioners.

Lookout for Sharp Objects

Common objects like jewelry, belts, and shoes can harm your furniture. Even the claws of your pet can be an enemy. If your furniture falls victim to damage, you can buff marks with a chamois cloth.

Keep Furniture Plumped

The best way to maintain the appearance of your animal-hide furniture is to plump it regularly. This method will extend its durability and improve performance.

Never Neglect Maintenance for Animal-Hide Furniture

Just because leather furniture is durable doesn’t mean it’s invincible. If you want your furniture to have a long life, you should protect it. Here’s what not to do when you’re performing maintenance yourself:

Don’t Neglect the Pieces

The worst thing any homeowner can do with their leather furniture is nothing at all. Your furniture’s lifespan can decrease dramatically by neglecting routine maintenance.

Don’t Leave Stains Alone

Even though leather is harder to stain than upholstery, you should still clean up stains immediately. Often, you can remove stains without any additional cleaning products.

Don’t Use Stain Removers Without Testing

Stain removers may not be good for all kinds of furniture materials. Therefore, you should not use a stain remover on leather without testing it first. To conduct this maintenance test, choose a portion of your furniture not easily visible and see what happens. If the test yields negative results, you may need to switch stain removers.

Don’t Use Water

Just a little water won’t hurt the material. However, it’s best to avoid wiping the entire couch down with water. Leather material needs to be moisturized to stay healthy, just like your skin. Water can break the bonds of the essential oils contained in tanning-treated material and weaken it over time.

Get The Most Out of Your Leather Furniture

Most furniture today is protected, making maintenance simple to do alone. If you aren’t sure, lightly scratch the material with your fingernail in an unnoticeable area. Consider hiring an expert to clean it if there is a mark. Follow these tips to clean the surface if there is a mark:

  • Wipe up any excess liquid immediately using a lightly moistened soft cloth with lukewarm water.
  • Do not use cleaning solvents, polish, oils, varnish, or ammonia water.
  • For minor scratches, use a chamois cloth or clean fingers.

Animal-hide furniture is a significant investment for many homeowners in the Roanoke, VA, area. When you decide to purchase some pieces, choosing the right ones with great quality is essential. Here at Better Sofas, we can get you the best piece for your home.

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We pride ourselves on providing top-notch leather furniture for our customers in and around Roanoke, VA. Here at Better Sofas, our team will work with you to find furniture that fits your home. As we mentioned before, purchasing animal-hide furniture is a significant investment. Our team of passionate professionals goes over every detail of every piece.

Customers in Roanoke, VA, and surrounding areas trust us for all their furniture needs. Our timeliness and professionalism make us the area’s go-to furniture store. Our products come from many popular brands. To learn more about our leather products, contact us. We look forward to helping you pick out the best piece of furniture for your Roanoke, VA, home.

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