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Discover the Neutral Trend in Furniture

Exploring the Color Spectrum with Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA

Customers sometimes need assistance with exploring the color spectrum when looking for furniture. Some stop into Better Sofas with clear ideas in mind. Others, though, just have basic ideas and are open to whatever color might fit their décor.


But what do you do when the décor itself is neutral? Beige from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, can feel as overwhelming as an all-white room might. Sure, there are tones of other neutral colors to keep it from being too monotonous. We’ll talk more about these shades in a bit. But finding the right furniture color can feel challenging when you see the many styles and colors on display.


This is where having an ally with you can help. Better Sofas makes it our goal to work with every customer. We help you find furniture you will love and that will fit your décor. We hope diving into the deep end of the neutral trend might help you with selecting the right furniture for your space.


Better Sofas Knows Furniture, So We Must Get to Know You First

Better Sofas understands the furniture buying process is not always easy. We do try our very best to make the process of getting the right furniture easier. It all starts with hearing from you, our customers.


Last month, we talked about special order furniture and how certain things matter: fabric, color, texture, durability, wear, cost, finish, size, pattern, etc. Does this sound familiar? You may have already ticked off a few of these boxes in selecting what kind of furniture you want. One of the largest considerations is the color.


You know how you want the room to look, so we must get to know you. Our team will really listen to the description of what you need. Having samples or photos to show can also help. As a seller, it is our duty and our pleasure to make you happy with your furniture, however you plan to use it. Whether your needs are for your home or business, the best part of our service is to find the right products in just the right colors that work best for every room.


The Neutral Furniture Trend in 2020-2021

If you have looked online recently, you may be surprised to find that the neutral trend in furniture remains abundant. Another thing you may notice is that there are a few welcome variations that give the color vibe of a room an earthy look. Yellow-cream tones, shades of mint green or hazelnut brown, even a gray-green, blue-gray, or warm gray shade will treat the eye to some pleasing but neutral colors.


Whether you seek furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or another space, the furniture pros at Better Sofas can help you explore the trendiest colors available. We work with you to find the furniture you need in the colors and styles that suit your room. Our designers have a firm grasp on the various elements of room design, which makes consulting with Better Sofas such a great resource.


Better Sofas Offers Popular Furniture Variety and Advice

With the neutral trend in furniture remaining such a popular choice, we did take a look at the most popular sofa colors. Here are the five most popular sofa colors ranked in order of purchase popularity:


Gray remains the most popular of all sofa colors.

Blue is the only color that manages to work as a neutral tone.

Beige, considered the original neutral color.

White – can’t get more neutral than that.

Green, the true evergreen color.



You can see that the neutral color trend extends beyond what some may have in mind when thinking about neutral colors. Even with a handful of neutral shades, there may be other design challenges in finding the right furniture for a room. This is why working with advice from Better Sofas can help you with figuring out the best from the furniture variety we can provide.


Neutral Furniture Quality from Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA

With an abundance of furniture options at our disposal, Better Sofas offers quality within this neutral furniture trend. With our special order furniture abilities, we can provide quality furniture in popular neutral shades and other fabulous colors to match your décor. Whether you are looking for furniture in a neutral shade to blend in or a piece in a dynamic color to stand out, you get outstanding furniture quality from Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA.


As with any furniture purchase, we understand when customers ask a lot of questions. We invite you to schedule a visit and consult with us. Let us strive to answer your questions, show you what is possible, and deliver the trendy neutral furniture that fits right into your life.


Neutral Isn’t New, And Color Can Take Some Getting Used To

One other bit of advice we can offer is this: the neutral trend in furniture isn’t new. Our job at Better Sofas is to offer you options. You can see from some of the colors we talked about today that there is a palette of neutral colors from which to choose.


We realize color can take some getting used to—and that seeing a piece of furniture placed into your home or office will make you take notice. Beyond being new, as in a new furniture piece, the neutral furniture trend looks like it is here to stay for a while. Even after exploring color, we understand why customers end up buying neutral furniture. We are here to help. The team at Better Sofas looks forward to seeing you soon.



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