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Do I Start With the Rug First?

Explore Room Design and Coordination with Better Sofas

If you are like many people exploring ways to update your living room, you may ask, “Do I start with the rug first?” It almost seems to make sense that the rug under your feet and furniture should have priority. Better Sofas takes a look at room design and how difficult it can be to “work backwards” in this fashion. We endeavor to make having a fabulous room easier for our customers, not harder. Take a few minutes to dive into the deep end of room design with us. Discover how to make coordination an easier part of the overall room design process — rug or no rug!


Flooring Issues First, Since the Rug is the Question

The first thing to consider is that the expense of floor covering alone can stifle a room design project. Take a good look down at the flooring of the living room. How does it look overall? No matter what type of flooring it may be, most living room floors can be large. Not to mention the delays involved when making a major flooring change. If the rug in the room is serviceable, you may decide to set that type of change aside, at least initially.

If the flooring does not include a rug, you may have even fewer concerns. As long as the wood floor is adequate, the room design plan can include options for coordinating rug pieces. Whether you seek to have a bit of rug beneath a piece of furniture or to direct foot traffic, keep in mind the idea of “less is more.” If the room is large enough, you may choose one or more types of rug pieces, but we can talk more about that later.


Next Up is Furniture, the Basis of the Room

What makes a room is the furniture in it. The furniture pieces in any room serve to give that room definition. How interactive you may need to be with furniture pieces is another consideration. Many modern homes and offices have open floor plans. This suitable arrangement allows for room design options that can be much more fluid than in the past.

Before modern room design promoted open plans, there were strict rules for the different types of rooms in a home. For example, many had a formal parlor, where guests could visit on entering the home. These would often contain the homeowner’s best furniture pieces, all coordinated with a style that, while welcoming, would not get much daily use.

Homes today strive for the ability to have a lived-in look. In addition to comfort, the open plan lets design options have much more flexibility. In living rooms today, we may see a combination of seating and dining options. These furniture pieces can be shifted to accommodate visitors, pets, or a home office, for a family-friendly atmosphere.


The Keys to Coordination are Style and Color

At Better Sofas, our main goal is to work with the room design goals of each customer. This means coordinating the style and color of the furniture you seek for every room. This includes pieces you use outdoors. Style and color are the keys that drive coordinating efforts. Bringing together various items that tie-in together with a certain style and/or color is what adds interest to a room.

Last month, we talked about some of the design challenges that can come with trying to stay neutral. This neutral trend removes one of the key coordinating elements in bringing interest and variety to a room. It is an option, of course, but one that can sometimes feel limiting in rooms where you want to have greater use of a large space.

It certainly is possible to decorate a room in neutral colors. You may, however, desire to show off artistic flair in coordination by bringing a variety of styles and colors together. Using coordinating colors of materials and fabrics may be much easier to do when you are not trying to match them to the rug.


Materials and Fabrics Abound with Custom Furniture Pieces

Bringing together furniture and fabrics in colors and styles that coordinate and complement each other is a great reason to visit Better Sofas. Our design center enables you to assemble pieces in the right materials and fabrics. These furniture pieces will enhance just about any room in the house.

When there are options, it might feel overwhelming to some customers. But this is where Better Sofas excels. We take the time to work with you on what you have in a room and what you would like to change. Working with an experienced design center like Better Sofas can help you save a lot of time, aggravation, and money.

Achieving the look you want in a living room, dining room, bedroom, and more is not only possible, but practical. You and your family live in the room every day. Together with Better Sofas, an updated and more coordinated look is on the horizon.


Now, Let’s Take Another Look at the Rug Situation

Once you know you have all the furniture pieces that will add purpose and comfort to the room, then look down. Does the current flooring need enhancement? Might a smaller accent rug serve to unite the colors and style into a coordinated picture? You may only need to obtain one central piece of carpeting or decide if certain seating requires it.

For example, if one corner of the room is designated for reading, you may want to have a brighter rug. Alternatively, if you have a heavy traffic area, something darker might suit. Your choice of a solid color, pattern, or other rug texture will most likely depend on the type of furniture surrounding it. Having the right furniture in place will help make your rug purchase more pleasing to your eye, as well as your bank account.


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