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The Art of Special-Order Furniture

Better Sofas Asks the Question: What Type of Furniture Do You Desire?

Imagine you need new furniture. What do you do? If you’re like most folks today, you start looking on your phone. You search ‘furniture’ for inspiration. After a good bit of scrolling through every image of furniture available, you start to want to see these things in person. Maybe the search pulled up some local stores. Now’s the tricky part, where do you go?

Fast forward to being in a store. Sometimes a person is lucky and they can find something that fits their needs right out of the gate. If you’re that person, what an easy task furniture shopping must be. But it’s not so easy for everyone. Certain things matter; fabric, color, texture, durability, wear, cost, finish, size, pattern, etc. The whole furniture-shopping experience can be very overwhelming!

What type of furniture do you desire for your needs? Special-order furniture consists of items created to suit a customer’s particular requirements. Whether you seek quality special-order furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or other areas, Better Sofas offers solutions. We work with you, taking everything you may desire in your furniture into consideration. Our focus is on providing a finished product you can be proud to have in your home or business.

Go Beyond Generic or Cookie-Cutter Furniture

So, it’s important to do your research, yes. But also, trust your instincts. Furniture is a personality reflection, after all. You’ll see it and use it every day. Your friends and family will see your furniture. It will become the backdrop for Zoom meetings.

For a growing number of people, a generic furniture piece just will not do. You can tell by looking around, even online. Many outlets offer the same styles, colors, and quality. If your sofa needs go beyond this general appearance or purpose, then Better Sofas would like to open the discussion of what goes into special-order furniture.

Knowing the quality that goes into any piece of special-order furniture is essential. Consider wood quality, connectors, stuffing, style, and upholstery. When you think of special-order furniture, it is not something cookie-cutter that comes off an assembly line. Furniture ordered to meet your specific needs will not be like all the other pieces of furniture in stores. It has qualities selected specifically the way you intend, with features and design details that make the piece truly unique. Special-order furniture offers an end result unequalled to assembly-line-crafted furniture.

Quality Special-Order Furniture is Our Goal With Every Customer

This blog is not to discourage a shopper from exploring all options. On the contrary, this is written to ease that worry. The team members at Better Sofas are very familiar with the special-order furniture process. The abundance of options is not there to confuse the buyer, but to leave no stone unturned.

Special-order furniture is indeed a specialty at which Better Sofas excels. There are so many questions a customer may ask. Bring them to our team and put us up to the challenge. Include the many individual specifications you want to match. As furniture people, we always feel remiss if we cannot offer someone exactly what they are looking for.

Quality special-order furniture does not just happen. It takes careful planning, from use and design to materials and assembly. It takes craftsmanship with strict attention to quality control to ensure a finished product that customers expect. Perhaps you are working with the services of an interior designer for your business, or have a clear vision of your household furniture needs. Contact Better Sofas today to arrange a special-order furniture consultation.

Personal Touches Available in Special-Order Furniture Today

With a keen eye on quality as well as being ecologically responsible, the goal of Better Sofas is to create special-order furniture that will last. Top among the many considerations is the use of the piece. Will it be a specialty chair for a formal parlor to fit a designer’s décor plan, or will it get heavy use by visitors or family members on a daily basis? Knowing how much or how little use the furniture will get can make a big difference in its assembly, finishes, and more.

By using technology in assembling special-order furniture, designers can take greater care in avoiding waste. With computer design we are better able to meet exacting standards while providing personal touches. From finishes, to fabric design, colors, and upholstery types, Better Sofas can offer special-order furniture that customers are sure to enjoy and cherish for many years to come.

A family’s furniture is as much a representation as that special photo from the beach last year hanging above the mantle. Make it your own. When you put sincere effort into obtaining special-order furniture, you will not regret the process. The team at Better Sofas can help you get there and achieve your furniture goals easily. Contact us today. You’ll be glad that you did.

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