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Blue Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Beds and Headboards

Better Sofas is Helping Roanoke, VA Get a Comfortable Night Sleep

Upholstered beds and headboards have become more popular. These have a reputation for versatility, comfort, and convenience. If you need help finding the best quality bedding for a great night sleep, choose Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA. A good night sleep is a great way to start the day off on a good note. The following are reasons to make your upholstered bedding dreams come to life.


Green Patterned Twin Upholstered BedsUpholstered Beds and Headboards Offer Great Versatility at Home

Versatility is a characteristic of upholstered beds and headboards. One day you might be feeling one way, but the next you may have different emotions. Upholstery allows you to evolve with your style. You can change color, pattern, material, and vibe. Upholstered beds can appeal to any vibe because of their aesthetic charm.




White Upholstered HeadboardThey Offer Great Comfort for Your Home Living Spaces

The superior comfort these beds offer are one reason customers fall in love with upholstered headboards and beds. They provide cushioned head rests for whenever you watch television, read, or talk with your spouse. You know the importance of a good quality sleep to your everyday health. This environment can help you wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to attack the day.



Brown Upholstered HeadboardUpholstered Beds Offer Great Convenience and Easy Maintenance

People are amazed when they see how easy it is to maintain an upholstered bed. They may require vacuuming on occasion. These are great for anyone, including your furry family members. They don’t require a box spring if you go for a platform bed. You can also get storage beds, offering built-in space.

If you have kids, or a spouse that tends to spill things, look for a performance caliber fabric. You can get these in performance linen and velvet. These fabrics are strong, and can stand up to the elements they deal with. Make sure your linen can withstand the daily use from your bed. Check out The Inside for more great ideas.


For more great upholstered beds and headboard ideas in Roanoke, VA call Better Sofas at (540) 400-6334. Follow us on Facebook for more great bedding ideas. We are ready to show you more upholstered beds and headboards.