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Are Animal Prints Cool or Cliché?

Better Sofas Knows Quality Uses for Animal Prints at Home

Are animal prints cool or cliché? When you need to know how animal prints work with your home décor, count on Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA. Animal prints are for more than your daily fashion tastes. They also make great decoration style for your home. This trend has been attracting customers from everywhere. Check out these great tips from dé for when to use animal prints.


Use Animal Prints for Your Wall Decorations and Furniture

You can change pillows at any time, and they add to the beauty of any room. There are many great styles you can choose from. The most popular are feline, zebra, cow, giraffe, and tiger. Make sure you use no more than one style per space. If you’re feeling bold, put them on all your seating areas.


Wall decorations are a great option if you want to be a trendsetter among your friends. If you’re not fond of wall decorations, use printed pictures instead. It can help improve the look of your home.


Walk Over Your Animal Print-Covered Floors

Having an animal print rug can make your home shine. Make sure you consider the kind of furniture you match up with it. Don’t go crazy on antiques for that room. That can make it seem like too much.

Find Ways to Integrate Animal Prints into Any of Your Home Decorations

Find ways to integrate animal prints into any of your home decorations. This goes for more than your walls. Think of the various items you decorate your home with. Lamps, vases, or pots for your flowers can all use the animal print style. Combine different accessories with the use of animal prints. But make sure you don’t overdo it.


Count on Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA for Your Animal Print Questions

Our qualified staff knows how to integrate animal prints into your home. These are a great addition to any home, but only if you have the right pieces for it. When you have questions about how to make animal prints part of your home, ask our team.

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