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Not Your Grandmother’s Bedroom Furniture

Better Sofas is Showing How to Give Your Old Furniture New Life

This is not your grandmother’s bedroom furniture. Better Sofas in Roanoke, VA is ready to help you find great ideas for making your unfinished furniture look its best. Furniture over time wears out like everything else. But did you know that older furniture can have new life? You can customize your furniture with a variety of colors. You can accomplish this with beds, painted goods, and more.



Make Your Furniture Feel More Formal or Casual

Even the oldest furniture can have a more formal or casual feel depending on what you want for your home. Wood furniture allows for customization, including staining, paint, shellac, distress, and stain are some options. That gives you the chance to match the finish of your home.



The Possibilities Are Endless for Your Unfinished Furniture

Today there are so many ways you can finish your new wood furniture. Varnish, penetrating resins, lacquer, oil, wax and shellac are some of the most common tools. Choosing the right paint can be even more daunting. Take a careful look at the colors you see in your home and consider where you want it placed. Match them accordingly.



Make Sure the Finishing Matches the Furniture You Want

Your furniture should match what you are finishing. Everything from upholstered beds to painted goods. You can mix and match with everything you want. That will help your bedroom feel more comfortable and welcoming as an escape from the world.



Consult a Trusted Professional at Better Sofas

Better Sofas knows that giving furniture a new life can be a challenging task for anyone. Our home decor experts are ready to work with you on ideas. The understand how much you are putting into your home. Let us help you make the most of your unfinished furniture.

For more ideas for upgrading your grandmother’s furniture, give Better Sofas a call at (540) 400-6334. Follow us on Facebook for more great ideas in Roanoke, VA. We are ready when you need help for furniture that is not your grandmother’s furniture.